Monday 30 April 2012

Finding my own luck

                          I need to                   quit the
                       shit of saying          ”If I could be
                     so lucky”, ease      off complaining
                    about the mucky    state of a  sucky
          life and get into fighting   and righting things, not
      crying for  the  downturns    that life brings. I do know
      that luck is out there  but    it had to start somewhere;
     with a small change in the   air from a falling chair that
      blew a paper to be  snared showing words that  bared
        an idea to the receiver making her a believer in the
                love that gave her. That chair is what I
      must                     be instead of  the                    one
   who just waits to see. Everything starts  with  a  random
  series of events but there is an event  and  tracking  back
 the segments prevents waiting for  the presents and  being
 content to lament.  I must   try   to start the daisy chain of
   personal gain, ingrain it     in a    part of my brain so that
       the pain when things     wane    will not ruin the gain.
            I can be so lucky       if   I      get   plucky,  stuck
            in  and  grinning,        with      the aim  to  start
             winning. I just            need      stop spinning out
                if life pins me           down        for  a  bout.
                    I know                   luck           is out

                       It’s only fair I do my share in finding it.


  1. You have too much style for one person. it's not right, I tell you. NOT RIGHT.

    1. You must have a short memory, Colin. If there's one thing I do not have, it is style. But, I like that I can be perceived as having some based on my wordiness.