Thursday 17 May 2012

A 12 Year Old's dirty mind

It’s pouring with rain,
it’s making me insane watching the drips fall from your glowing frame.
All I can think of is the mounds, the primal sounds,
you and I ignoring surrounds as
we flow up and down on the ground that we pound,
our movements profound.

I so want to hold you, sit on your back
and be so bold as to mould you uncontrolled.
The visage in my mind, a collage of mirages,
a barrage of mental corsages as I lay my hands on you
and massage you in the garage away from our entourages
we can make our own beautiful montages.

I move close as I sense you’ve
felt my groove
as I approach to prove
I have actions to back my attractions,
you’re frozen seeking my satisfaction,
no distractions for this interaction
I approach to exact my infraction transaction.

I’m not usually flirty but I want to get so dirty with you.
The things we can do when I am on top of you.
You accept my indictment to excitement,
you know what I meant, our nerves are pent.

With a hand tremoring,
my inner voice stammering I reach a hand out as my heart is hammering
a tattoo for the things we’re about to do.

I place both hands on your slender body and wonder how close can god be
as I wrap my legs around your metal
and begin to push down on one pedal…

  "Luke! No bike! It’s raining and I know what you’re like. 
   You'll get dirty and the mud will set and I don’t want you to get wet!"
No! Not yet!
My mind screams and frets as I owe my dreams a debt
and so close to forget the threat of what we had nearly bet!
The regret, upset but after that voice but I can no longer covet
and have to obey and
        get inside away…
                from you…
                one day I will ride you through the mud - we both want me to.


  1. Haha, nice. My parents didn't really have that problem with me, they were always beratting me to get off the computer and go outside.

  2. Aha! I can actually relate to this :D

  3. well.. for me it was more like 10 years old. I had a sega master system when I was 12 :)

  4. Haha. We had a Super Nintendo when I was 12 but usage of it was strictly rationed and given that I was one of five children -- each of them enjoying a bit of 16 bit gaming -- I sometimes had to find other pursuits to enjoy.