Wednesday 20 June 2012

Dicing with the devil

Sliced, spliced, enticed, dishevelled
I diced for thrice the price of my life
With the devil
Stakes, rakes, his takes undefined
Heart quakes for a break with each shake
Hoping for divine
Intervention, all attention, on intention to win
Apprehension with the mention of my pension
Spread thin
Lighting inviting, inciting fair play
Fighting slighting while writing a 
Contract to pay
Frustration, stagnation, damnation to come 
Castration flirtation, 
Elation struck dumb
Locked doors, I roll fours, could be more, wanted higher
On the floor, devil’s score, guarantor 
Of hell-fire
“I win,” with a grin, devil’s skin glows red
Head spins, sinking in, beginning
To dread
“All fives,” devil jived , “for all alive, hard to beat.
You should have strived, derived, deprived my contract
From allowing me to cheat!”