Wednesday 16 May 2012

A moment before time

                                          There’s this
                                    one  beautiful scene,
                                 a moment between you
                              and me. With our passion
                              just started and from our        clothes
                              we have parted I look       down into your
                            eyes. There can be no     lies, no denials to
                         give rise to.  It is just        me and it is just you.
                     We share in the silence       unbroken but through
                our locked gazes  there        is so much spoken that
         any  aloud, token     words           would cheapen and  not
     serve to deepen our                        connection. This  minute
    of shared affection, of                       momentary  reflection is
  as near to an emotional                              perfection as I can
 ever remember being. An                            unmatchable space
needing no correction. With                           my arms encasing
your waist, face to face with                           our skins meeting
in all of the right places I am                      left to look down at a
a gown-less you and decide                    which part, and what to
 do  first now I  have  you. I                    smile for I do  know  that
  as we while away we are in               thought  compiling  plays
   to make on each  other. Do            I smother with lust or do I
     cover your bust softly with         kisses only a lover is able to
      muster?  Your eyes eclipse      my soul as your soft lips do
       hold my attention. Retention     of this moment calls for the
         suspension of time. It is in         this moment that the line
          between yours and mine gets     blurred and our passion,
           unrationed, romantically fashioned is finally to be heard.

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