Friday 4 May 2012

Life is

Life is a cliché tale of tragedy; as soon as we are introduced to the main characters, we realise that none will make it out alive. And yet, with a promise of continual revelation and the prospect of a plot twist around every corner, life captivates us from our first breath until our last. Somewhere deep inside, most of us hope life’s main protagonist finds their one true love so their eventual demise is alongside a love everlasting.

Life is a roller coaster, a ride so harrowing and dangerous that many would refuse to step on it if they encountered it in their lifetime. The roller coaster is such a common parable to the ups and downs of life yet so inaccurate for its failure to capture the acuteness of life’s ride. Take the forces placed on the body from a roller coaster’s corkscrews, climbs, descents and loops; apply those forces to the emotions, intelligence and physical appearance of yourself and everyone around you; build a track loop that defies physics by having more descents than ascents with every descent worse than the last; build a roller coaster like that and you might have a storybook representation of the ride of life.

Life is a game of chance where you can change your cards at any point and every step rolls countless dice that you cannot see land but determine everything. It is a game of chance that requires as much skill as luck but some of the best players have succeeded with none of one and even none of both. Life is a lottery that allows you to see the wining numbers before you select what digits you want to play but the prize pool is secret and may not even be a cent.

Life is short because someone decided to count how long it lasts and life seems shorter the longer you live. Introspection and reflection can make even the most sour moments taste sweet while at the same time making angels grow horns — add more time before looking back for more sugar or bigger horns. Life will be over before you know it even though it felt like it lasted a lifetime.

Nothing will have hurt when the curtain falls on life’s cliché tragedy. For all that life is a practical impossibility, life is everything and everything is beautiful.


  1. Points deducted for using the phrase 'One True Love'