Thursday 31 May 2012

Grow where you stand

                                                  wipe the
                                              soil  from  my
                                           hands and stand.
                                         Surveying  the land,
                                       there is nothing grand
                                       to see as yet, only the
                                       furrows of dirt still wet
             from the first      drink offered  to  this      infant garden
      bed. Seeds planted   and placed to form    an  as-yet  invisible
lace that will grace this   space with the    blooms from nature’s loom.
  In their  dormant state,   those seeds  contain innate instructions to
   germinate, infiltrate and   dominate   the hand of space where they
     land, growing tall from the     place    they stand. I will walk over
       this patch  each  day  to     scratch  away at the earth making
           sure the berth equals    the worth            of the seeds. In
              time with my feeding   they will   grow to     seedlings,
                         needing         the             soft thudding
                        of water on the soil to   start budding and
                      coiling toward the  sky.   Without asking of
                     why they will climb high    and  try,  even  if  I
                   left them to die. I will sit   in my  garden  for  it
                   to smooth the hardened   edges life  drives into
                   wedges of my soul. The  way a flower takes  its
                   place in the world and       slowly unfurls pearls
                    of beauty curling                 for all to see, stops
                     me questioning                        if what I am, is
                       less than                                          what


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