Tuesday 8 May 2012

The Great Soul

                                       So much of
                            the world is consumed in a
                    state of constant conflict. Wars that
              are fought             simply             because
          they have                 always                been fought.      
        Wars are                      fought                       against
    ideas and                        usually                         wars are  
   products                           of the                             minority.
  Every                                harvest                             contains
 a few                                  spoiled                                apples
but so                                   often                                   we let
them                                    pollute                                  entire
crops.                              We can go                               bravely
into a                           battle without a                          weapon;
it has                     been done successfully                      before.
We can               keep our    arms   locked at             our sides
 showing        everyone        that         we need         only our
   words and resolve           to win.          Peace is something    
     attainable, there              is not               any need for the
         continual                    letting                  of blood. It
            just seems               that                     some are
               not aware of        this yet.        Great souls
                    have walked the Earth, we need to
                           strive to have more than one
                                          at once.


  1. "The person who says violence never solves anything is probably a pussy and causing problems." ~ seanbaby

    Becase good prose deserves good comedic retort.

    1. If I have to be countered by Seanbaby from Cracked, then I'll take it.